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Attendance Matters

Attendance Awards - Spring 2017

Congratulations to our lucky winners... Shakila in 1AP, Rayyan in 2FB & Abdullah in 6KH, hope you enjoy your new bikes and ride carefully.


Well done to all the children for improving their punctuality and attendance this term.


There will be another Attendance Award for the Summer term, so more raffles tickets will be given out for coming on time everyday and we will be giving away some fabulous prizes.

Spring Term 2017


Congratulations to all the children who achieved 96% and above this term!



Key Stage 1

77 children achieved 100% attendance

12 children achieved 99% attendance

7 children achieved 99% attendance


Key Stage 2

52 children achieved 100% attendance

4 children achieved 99% attendance

28 children achieved 99% attendance


Overall Attendance - 94.81%

Autumn Term 2

October - December 2016

Congratulations to all the children who achieved 96% and above this term!



30% of the children achieved 100%

7% of the children achieved 99%

12% of the children achieved 98%


65% of the children achieved 96% or above


Overall Attendance 95.70%

Autumn Term 1

September - October 2016

Well done to 2FB and 5SHfor the best class attendance for

the first Autumn half term 2016!




Attendance Key Stage 1

RSS - 96.41%

RAH - 93.08%

1SM - 91.18%

1AP - 96.54%

2SK - 94.52%

2FB - 96.67%


Attendance Key Stage 2

3PB - 94.98%

3VW - 96.67%

4SS - 95.11%

4NR - 95.69%

5SH - 97.97%

5SB - 95.53%

6KH - 93.77%

6KA - 97.00%



September 2015 - May 2016


31 children achieved 100%

73 children achieved 99%

124 children achieved 98%


Overall Attendance 95.19%


Well done to all the children who achieved 96% and above.


noComing to school everyday is coolno


March 2016 - Spring Term Attendance

Fantastic Attendance for this Spring Term!


noA massive 170 children achieved 100% attendance which is a total of 41% of our children.smiley

noA additional 20 children achieved 98% attendance which is a total of 23% of our children.smiley

noA further 274 children achieved 96% and above attendance which is a total of 65% of our children.smiley

Key Stage 1 Spring Term Attendance Assembly

Key Stage 2 Attendance Assembly

We would like to thank all of our parents for their continued support!no

February 16th 2016


Brilliant attendance this half term!


Congratulations to 2KS & 4NR for achieving 98.6% and 97.5% attendance respectively


Thanks for all your support

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Well done to class 2SK for achieving 100% attendance this week!

Also a very well done to class 5SA who also achieved 100% attendance this week!

Overall school attendance this week is 96.29%.

A big thank you to all parents for your continued support!


Outstanding, Record Breaking Attendance This Autumn Term 2015

In Key Stage 2 62 children achieved 100% attendance!

In Key Stage 1 82 children achieved 100% attendance!


Autumn Term September – December 2015

In total 135 children achieved 100% attendance.

In total 16 children achieved 99% attendance.

In total 53 children achieved 98% attendance.

Altogether a whopping 279 children achieved 96% or above attendance!

This means that 66% of the school achieved 96% or above attendance!

Well done to everyone who achieved 98%, 99% and an exceptional 100% attendance!

Coming to school is very important.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Nelson Mandela

As well as attendance, punctuality is equally important. Being on time is an important life skill.

‘Lost time is never found again.’ Benjamin Franklin

Thank you to all the parents for your continued support.


Naziha Kousar

Attendance Manager

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