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This year we will be re launching our Coffee Mornings. They will now run once a month. There will be a different focus or activity for each Coffee Morning that will inform you about school policies, subjects taught in school and how you can support your child at home.


The dates of the Coffee Mornings will be posted on the school newsletter, school website, and parent notice board.


We will provide free breakfast, tea and coffee for parents who attend. On some mornings free resources, leaflets or activities will distributed and this will be on a first come first served bases.


Coffee Morning is a great way to get to know other parents, share experiences, learn new skills and relax. Parents lead very busy lives, but we're sure you could spare an hour to 'wind down' and learn about something new.


We know many of our parents are very creative so we will still have opportunities for hands on sessions such as Mehdi, sewing, beauty and crafts. (See pictures below of previous creative sessions.)


So, why not leave the housework, ironing, cooking and rushing around and come along to our new Coffee Mornings  - its only once a month!


Coffee And E-Safety

November Coffee Morning


The aim of this session will be to keep you up to date with Esafety issues which will help you to keep your child safe while using the internet. We will be discussing useful links, recommended safety software, the use Facebook, utube and other social media sites. Interesting and informative videos will be shown, highlighting the importance of teaching our children to stay safe online.  We will be giving out leaflets and information to each parent who attends.


As a school we feel that this is a very important topic that all parents should be keenly interested in.

Parent Comments:


I was not aware of the useful software available and free to download. I now would supervise my child more closely than I did before knowing when one site leads to another which may not be age appropriate.


I found it very useful and surprising about the age limits on social media accounts.


The monitoring and filtering app information was very useful.


I was not aware of youtube kids.

Coffee and Educational Interventions

 January Coffee Afternoon


What is an intervention?


uAn intervention is a specific program or set of steps to help a child improve in an area of need. They focus on subjects like reading or math. Interventions are designed so that you and the school can track your child's progress.

         Interventions have some key elements:

uThey’re aimed at a particular area that needs improvement.
uThey’re specific and formal.
uAn intervention lasts a certain number of weeks or months and is reviewed at set intervals.
uThey’re often run with small groups of children
uTeaching Assistants run the Interventions during the school day


For more information about the variety of interventions delivered throughout our school please use the link below.



Coffee And Card Making

February Coffee Morning


National 'Send a Card to a Friend Day' is observed on February the 7th and is the day to send our friends a card to let them know we are thinking of them. To celebrate this day we held a card making Coffee Morning on Wednesday February 1st so that mums could get creative and make their own bespoke greeting cards. We hope that the friends who receive the cards on Monday the 7th February enjoy the surprise!


Take a look at our creative skills...


Creative Coffee Morning Pictures

Picture 1 Scalf Setting
Picture 2 Scalf Setting
Picture 3 Hair Styling
Picture 4 Hair Styling
Picture 5 Manicures
Picture 6 Manicures
Picture 7 Paper Crafts
Picture 8 Making Paper Flowers
Picture 9 Decorating Candles
Picture 10 Recycled Fashion
Picture 11 Decorating Gingerbread
Picture 12 Fancy Nails!
Picture 13 Manicures
Picture 14 Manicures