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Mathematics at St. Saviour's

At St. Saviour’s Church of England Primary School we embrace the mastery approach to the teaching of maths. Our teachers ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day based on The White Rose Hub (version 3) scheme of work and materials. We also use cross curricular opportunities to develop children's mathematical fluency. Our children value the subject of maths, wherein they are encouraged to be confident in all aspects of numeracy and apply these skills in problem solving. Activities cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, with a strong emphasis on the CPA approach . Each lesson opens with a mental maths stimulus to engage children. We build on skills and practical understanding in a step by step progression, building on place value, number operations, fractions, decimals, percentages and shape and space. We believe that it is important that concrete and pictorial methods are used primarily and only when a child is confident and secure in their understanding should abstract methods be introduced.

Children getting active!


Our maths/banking challenge began the week of the first of July and our now famous St Saviour's Market took place on Friday 5th July 2019.

This year we raised money for a charity close to our hearts - Birmingham Children's Hospital.

School Banking


Pupils of St Saviour's enjoyed a full week of fun and activities relating to money and Maths. Every year group participated by creating their own merchandise to sell at St Saviour's Market (in the playground). Despite the rain and miserable weather everyone had a great time and made approximately £1,000, which was kindly donated to charity.