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Parent Workshops

There are lots of important people in a child's life: mums, dads, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents and friends. At St Saviour's we try to invite these special people into school as much as possible so that they can share, enhance and enrich the school day. We run Cooking with Kids, Family Learning Courses, Family Sessions and Inspire Workshops just to name a few!


The children really enjoy having male role models coming into school, so we try to invite dads, uncles and grandads into school at different times in the school year. When we have 'Dads' workshops the children know that any male role model who is important to them can attend.


Look out for letters, the school Newsletter and our online calendar to find out about all our Parent Workshops.

2016-2017 Parent and Child Workshops

Old McDonald had a Farm...Reception Inspire Workshop


Well done to our reception classes who took part in their first whole class Inspire Workshop. 


The 'little farmers' were busy planting grass for the hungry Billy Goats, buying fruit and vegetables from the Farmers Market and making their own 'junk model' farm animals. The children made fluffy animals, feathery animals and some unusual looking farm animals!


The workshop gave the children an opportunity to apply both their maths and writing skills.


Miss Hanratty ended the workshop by telling the children a very animated story of the Little Red Hen.


A big thank you to all 58 parents who came to work with their children!no




The little Red Hen



May The Force Be With You


On May 4th - Star Wars Day the children celebrated by inviting their dads, uncles and granddads into school for a workshop.


There were fun challenges for the children to take part in. The children drew their own star ships using symmetrical designs, followed (very complicated) instructions to make spaceships, completed R2-D2 maths problems, designed landing stations for the star ship and made their dads Yoda ears (which they all had to wear).

The final challenge was to design and make a waterproof hat for Chewbacca which was tested out at the end of the workshop. (Mrs Cherry was Chewbacca)


Each child left the workshop with their own Light Saber and Mrs Cherry left the workshop rather WET!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop - Year 3


Thank you to the 56 parents who attend the Ancient Egyptian Workshop with their children on Wednesday 11th January. The children excitedly took part in a variety of cross - curriculum activities linked to their History topic. They completed Egyptian maths problems, painted Tutankhamun's mask, designed and made Egyptian jewellery, and constructed pyramids out of art straws, nets and Lego. 

Need For Speed 2


Year 4's Inspire workshop had a re-vamp this year to include more maths. At the Need For Speed 2 workshop the children had six tasks to complete which included the following four maths challenges:



LO: To be able to measure straights and curves

Design and create a racing track 120cm long. The track must include straights and bends. It must have a starting and finishing point. It must be a complete circuit.



LO: To be able to create a symmetrical image

Design and create a team logo using squared paper. The logo must include at least 1 symmetrical feature.



LO: To me able to measure the distance travelled.

Using the selected car, measure the length it travels when exiting the bottom of the three different ramps.

Compete the chart explaining your findings.



LO: To be able to organise data.

Identify your favourite car on the class tally chart. Use the data to create a pictogram where 1 wheel represents 2 cars.


The children really enjoyed using the skills they have learnt in this terms maths lessons in a practical, hands on session with their mums and dads!


Thank you to the 47 Year 4 parents for attending the workshop, their positive feedback, and helping to tidy up the hall at the end of the afternoon!








Year 1 Art Attack - Family Learning


Well done Year 1 for completing the six week Family Learning course. This half term the course had a 'paper craft' theme which involved lots of careful measuring, cutting and following instructions. Maths in action!smiley

Year R Art Attack - Family Learning


Well done reception for completing your first Family Learning course. The six week Art Attack course had a 'shape' theme and the children took part in a variety of different fun and creative activities. We hope you like the pictures of all their wonderful

Reception New Parents And Children Sessions


A big St Saviour's welcome to the new parents and children who have joined our family. In Autumn term the new parents were invited to come into school and take part in an 'All About Me' workshop with their children. This was an opportunity for us to get to know the families. The children made an 'All About Me' calendar which included talking about their favourite things, writing their names, selecting their favourite colours, drawing a self portrait, talking about their favourite lessons and making a shape house to display their family photograph in. The calendars will be a lovely memory when the children are in Year 6!! Their parents will be able to look back at their child's drawing, writing and photos and reminisce about how 'cute' their children were! surprise


We are sure the families do not feel 'new' to our school anymore. Reception have had a great first term !smiley

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


In Autumn Term the girls in Year 1 and 2 were invited to an art and craft workshop. They could bring along their dads, uncles, grandads big brothers or cousins. The girls made owl bracelets, ceramic heartsheart fairies, photo frames, mosaic pictures and fairy  princess wands!  The adults had a great time too helping their little girls create their beautiful masterpieces.


It was a great afternoon. Thank you to the 26 grown ups that attendedno



Black History Month


To celebrate Black History Month the children and parents in Year 3 and 4 were invited to a afternoon workshop.


Martin Luther King had a dream of racial equality. He believed that everyone regardless of their skin colour should be treated fairly. The children wrote their own inspirational 'dreams'! Many of the children wrote about there being peace on earth, everyone having enough food and stopping the pollution of the plant...a few children's dreams included becoming Batman, Superman or Batgirl and saving the world!


In America buses were divided into two sections, one for the white passengers and another for the black. Rosa Parks, a black African - American refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white man and this started the Bus Boycott in  Montgomery, Alabama which lasted  over a year. The children designed and made their own 'St Saviour's Diversity Bus', selecting pictures of people from all different races and colours to sit next to each other. At our school we believe that no matter where we live, what colour our skin is or what language we speak, we are all friends - and an important part of the  St Saviour's family!


The children and parents painted and created African patterns, researched about the famous nurse Mary Seacole and completed the 'With My Two Hands' poem. To complete the afternoon a beautiful display using quotes from Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Mohammed Ali and Bob Marley was made.


Thank you to the 34 parents that attended!smiley


2015-2016 Parent and Child Workshops

Year 4 -  Need For Speed Inspire Workshop


This half term is very exciting for Year 4 as they will be visiting Land Rover and finding out all about car design and manufacturing.

To introduce this exciting topic the children attended an Inspire Workshop with their parents. At the workshop the children had to design their very own Car Racing Team. They designed car livery, a team logo and badge, team uniform and came up with some very original team names; Ghost Rider, Action Man, Rose Racers, Cosmic Cars, Rainbow Rush just to name a few. They also carefully followed instructions to make moving vehicles using Knex (well done to the mums who helped with this as it wasn't easy!!)  They raced Super Mario Scalextric and F1 cars, there were a few crashes but all the drivers soon recovered and got back on the track! Mr Smith came in and showed some of us his driving skills! Some of the children experimented with different ramps, surfaces and cars to see how the various surfaces, heights of ramp and car designs would effect the speed and distance the car travelled. Well done Year 4....have a great time at Land Rover!!

Year 1 - Flight Inspire Workshop


This term Year 1 have been busy learning all about vehicles. On Tuesday 22nd March the whole year group visited RAF Cosford where they saw lots of aeroplanes and helicopters. The next day the children and parents attended an Inspire Workshop all about Flight.  The children and parents followed instructions to make two different designs of paper planes, they recorded the distance the planes travelled and found out which design was best. They made napkin parachutes for the gingerbread man to fly away in, helping him to escape the little old man and little old woman.  They designed and made hot air balloons, helicopters and gliders. It was a very busy session! Well done to all the children and parents who attendedno

Egyptian Inspire Workshop


What an exciting day Year 3 and their parents had on Wednesday 27th January; it was a day full of exploring the Ancient Egyptians!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mummy? Could you write your name in hieroglyphics? How many facts do you know about the ancient pyramids? Could you build your own pyramid, create Tutankhamun's death mask or design your own Egyptian jewellery? Year 3 will be happy to help you...


smiley A big thank you to the 59 parents that attended throughout the day! no 


I thought the workshop was wonderful. The children got to learn a bit while having fun. My favourite activity was the hieroglyphics in clay. Thank you for letting us have the workshop; I enjoyed every minute of it.


Sanaa Ayoob 3VW 


The Egyptian workshop was a lovely chance for me to engage with my daughter and for her to learn so much about Egyptian masks, writing and jewellery. Not only does it bring me closer to my daughter in engaging in such activities but it also encourages me to want to do more with my child in the future. Thank you one again for helping us make such wonderful memories to keep in our hearts.


Mrs Ayoob (Sanaa's mum)


Marble Mania


Today we had another exciting afternoon; 20 dads came into school to work with their children from 4SS, 4NR and 5SAfrown The families had to complete 4 challenges. Challenge 1 was to create a marble run using limited resources. Challenge 2 was to construct a tower out of art straws that would hold the weight of a marble. Amina (4SA) and her dad made the tallest tower; it was very impressive. Challenge 3 was to mould a boat from modelling clay that could float holding the weight of  as many marbles as possible. The dad's got very competitive! The winning boat held 7 marbles. Challenge 4 was to build a large scale marble run using cardboard and tubes. Well done to Khaleel and his dad for completing this challenge! Khaleel was so impressed with his giant marble run that her brought his mum into school at home time to take a look!


The children were amazing as usual and came up with some creative ideas. A BIG thank you to all the dads who attendedno 


Take a browse through the photos to get a taste of the fun.



Weather Workshop


This half term Year 1 have learnt about different types of weather. A group of parents and children were invited to attend a Weather Workshop where they completed lots of weather themed activities together.


The children wrote about their favourite weather, completed a weather diary, experimented with instant snow, built snowmen out of modelling clay (while listening to the song 'Do you want a build a Snowman?') made kites and created weather pictures. It was a very busy session!no


My favourite weather is the snow because I can build snowmen - Taiba 1AP


My favourite weather is the sun because I can make sandcastles - Mariam 1AP


I like sunny days because I can go swimming - Laiba 1AP


I like the sunny weather because I can go to the beach - Thasmin 1AP


Reception Inspire Workshop


A BIG thank you to all the parents who attended the Reception Inspire Workshop on Wednesday 11th November. The theme was 'Ourselves' and the children and parents worked busily completing self-portraits, family portraits, taste tests, clay models of themselves and hand print patterns. It was a really busy workshop and we are sure the children loved it! The work that the children produced will be displayed outside their classrooms.


Here are some pictures to give you a taste of the day...

Dads and Daughters Workshop


What an exciting end to the first half term!no This afternoon we had 27 dads come into school and work with their daughters from Year 1 and 2. The girls and their dads took part in lots of different craft activities, they made rainbows, treasure boxes, mermaids, weaved baskets, made stain glass windows, heart cushions heart and lots more. The dads were really good at sewing and cross stitch! The hall was full of smiling faces, proud dads and excited giggles. It was a great afternoon! All the children had their photos taken with their dads and designed and made their own frames. The special photos in there glittery frames are now displayed alongside the photographs of the staff with their own dads. Mehek's dad said that it was 'great to get the chance to work with his daughter' and 'really enjoyed the afternoon'. One dad had come to the workshop in his dinner break! smiley We will be inviting the dads into school again next half term - we can't wait!

Family Learning - Art Attack


This half term parents and children from Year 1  have completed the Family Learning - Art Attack course. They took part in a variety of fun craft activities which had a great 'recycling' theme. The children used old coat hangers, empty tins, bottles, egg boxes, old socks and tubes to make different things each week. They created mini beasts, sock monsters, hanging signs, desk tidies and much more. The children loved the sessions and looked forward to seeing their mums each week. Well done Year 1! Next half term we have 10 more parents coming into school to take part in the sessions.


Please enjoy looking at the children's amazing creations!


New Parent Session


This year we have had over 25 child join our Reception classes whose families are new to our school. In October we invited these families into school for a story and activity session. The children and parents listened to and enthusiastically joined in with the popular story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children made movable bears and special bear hats. At the end of the session we  went on a bear hunt around school, wearing our hats, this gave the parents a chance to see our school in action. We visited all the important areas of our school collecting bears as we went. Along the way the children were given prizes and treats by different members of staff, it was very exciting! Maya in RAH even gave us a live performance of 'Let it Go' during our tour!


At the end of the session the children were given a pack of activities to take home to enjoy completing with their families.


It was hard to believe that the children had only been in school for a few weeks yet they were so confident. We enjoyed getting to know our new families and hope to see them all again soon at the Reception Inspire Workshop next half term.


Cooking With Kids


In Year 3 the boys and girls get the opportunity to attend 4 weeks of cooking classes with their parents. Each week the children cook 2 healthy dishes. The recipes are quick, healthy and very tasty! They contain small amounts of sugar or oil and we do not use any salt. The children learn about healthy food choices, eating their 'five- a -day' and the healthy food plate. On week four the children and parents play the Sugar Game where they match foods to the amount of sugar in them. Did you know that one can of cola contains 7tsp of sugar? This game helps the children to think about what they are eating and drinking.


Kids Comments


In cooking club I loved weighing the flour, sugar and butter. We measured in grams. My mum came every week. We had fun! - Ruqayya 3PB


 I like cooking club. The pizza was my favourite. - Mariah 3PB


I liked making the pizza best! - Amin 3PB


I liked cooking because we cooked things like Healthy Muffins. My mum came every week. One week her car broke down and she walked to school so she could still cook with me! - Mishel 3PB


Check out our pictures below to see what the children have been up to...