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Opportunities Without Limits

At St. Saviour’s C of E Primary School, the computing curriculum is designed to provide our children with the opportunity to experience technology, not only in discreet computing lessons but integrated into all lessons. Hardware such as computers, IPads and cameras are as much a part of our learning tools as are pens and pencils. Subject specific software, from one-off programmes to learning platforms, support teaching and learning across all year groups. Our children develop their skills starting early on with mouse control and keyboard skills; they draw pictures and use the internet to research topics across all subject areas. The children then progress onto data analysis and programming before recording their own radio and television programmes. Throughout their school life, our children are taught how to use technology safely and sensibly with their own safety online being an integral part of teaching.

Curriculum Overview

Enter the world of Computer Science in our computer suite. Travel into the future and beyond. Study the art and science of Computing. Find answers to your questions, open your mind and discover.  Program robots to obey your every instruction. Publish leaflets, newspapers and posters. Apply your skills through technology. The only limit to your experience is your imagination.

E-Safety Top Tips


"Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think!" Steve Jobs