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Year 5 Bread

Year 6 Biscuits

At St Saviour’s School we aim to deliver the Design and Technology curriculum with both a practical and a creative approach.  The children solve real life problems within a variety of contexts, using a cross curricular approach incorporating mathematics, science, IT and art. These experiences encourage the children to become resourceful, innovative, and enterprising. The national curriculum for Design and Technology aims to ensure that all pupils:


Develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.


Build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users.


To critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others.


Understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.


Whilst at St. Saviour’s, through our Design and Technology lessons, we want our children to learn practical skills and provide them with the knowledge to make products that move, light up, are structurally sound and don’t collapse and are safe and healthy. Children are able to test, refine and develop the projects they design to check they work and improve them if they don’t.


Our year group DT projects are:

Year   1:  (Mechanisms- sliders & levers) Moving pictures, (Food) Preparing fruit and vegetables. 


Year 2:  (Textiles- templates and joining techniques) Puppets, (Mechanisms- wheels and axles) wind-up toys, (Structures- free standing structures) Homes.


Year 3:  (Food- Healthy and varied diet) Sandwich snacks, (Mechanical systems- pneumatics) Moving monsters, (Structures- shell structures) Packaging.


Year 4:  (Textiles- 2D shape to 3D product) Money containers, (Mechanical systems- levers and linkages) Story books, (Electrical systems- simple circuits and switches) torches.


Year 5: (Food- celebrating culture & seasonality) Bread, (Mechanical systems- cams) Moving toys, (Electrical systems- more complex switches and circuits) Electrical board game.


Year 6:  (Structures- frame structures) Bridges, (Textiles- combining different fabric shapes) Slippers, (Food- celebrating culture and seasonality) Biscuits.