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Our Aims at St Saviour's C of E Primary School


As a school we aim to give each child a happy, safe, positive and fun start to their school life in which they can build solid foundations on which to expand and develop their love of learning and coming to school.


We help each child to recognise their own strengths and achievements through experiencing success and developing the confidence to work towards personal goals.


Our Early Years classrooms have all the seven areas of learning. However we place a great emphasis on ensuring that the outdoor learning environment contributes to all areas of learning just like within our classrooms.



Our Learning Journey



During the Autumn Term, We explored the inside of a pumpkin! We were super excited to talk about what we could see. We used lots of adjectives to describe the touch and look of the seeds inside the pumpkin.


Our Learning Journey


We have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy. We have been working together to make sculptures using natural resources.


Our learning journey


During the Spring Term, we have been learning all about growing and planting. We have been reading instructions on how to plant seeds. We read the instructions and were able to plant our very own cress seeds. We talked about all the things that plants need to grow. As part of an investigation we placed our seeds in different places to see where the seed would grow best.


Have a look at our wonderful cress!


Our Outdoor Area


We have been very busy in Reception as we have been setting up our outdoor area.  Look our stimulating area. We wrote labels and rules for our area.