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Year 1

Year 3
Week commencing 01.06.2020

Year 3


See below for the files to be downloaded.



Week commencing 18.05.2020

Week commencing 11.05.2020

Year 3:


Let's revise multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8!


Another maths resource for you:

An interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving...



Choose a spelling rule then choose to either practise the spelling or take a test with those words. All words are read aloud (make sure your sound is tuned up) and provided within a sentence for context.


Week Commencing 04.05.2020

Year 3.

This week is all about money!



Reception - Fantastic Food (Home Learning)

Year 3,


Follow this link for your daily lesson on fractions.    Week1


Each lesson has a short video explaining the topic and you have some activities to do afterwards (the answers are available too.)


Team Year 3

Key Stage 2 - BBC Bitesize Daily lessons

The newly-expanded Bitesize website will offer daily lessons in all core subjects, tailored for every age group from Year 1 to Year 10. The lessons will draw on the best of our existing BBC Bitesize and BBC Teach content, with activities and input from the broader education sector who have generously thrown their weight behind our work.

To access the daily lessons click here:


Bitesize Daily on iPlayer

Bitesize Daily programmes - 20 minute shows each designed to target a specific age group - will be available on on BBC iPlayer, on any device, and on TV via the Red Button.

To view the daily programmes click one of the following links:

Ages 5-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 9-11

Daily Resources for Children