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World Book Day 2019


The Mud Kitchen is now OPEN!!

Yummy yummy.....Mud in my tummy!

(We're only joking!)

We've loved going out into our outdoor area to play in our mud kitchen. Stirring, scraping, squishing and smushing!

We made yummy dinner for our friends and family. Some of us made kebabs, some of us made pasta, some of us made mashed potato and some of us even made cups of coffee and hot chocolate for our teachers!

Our Exciting Kenya Day

Reception Assembly


During the Spring Term, Reception took part in their very

 first assembly.  The assembly was all about Spring. Our children have learnt about Easter, lifecycles, adult animals and their young. We also told retold and acted out the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk'. Image result for jack and the beanstalk



The WHOLE school were very proud of Reception as they have used loud clear voices and sang beautifully.


Our favourite song was 'Spring chicken.' Image result for chicken


Thank you to all of the parents who came to our Reception assembly. We are very proud of our children.


Our visit to St Saviour's Church

Year 2 had the wonderful opportunity to go and visit St Saviour's Church. We enjoy seeing Father Alan in school and were very excited when he showed us around this special place of worship. He pointed out some lovely features of the church that we had learnt about in our classrooms, like the font and the altar, and we were keen to ask him questions about them.

Our Trip to Watch Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The Life Bus

We had a lot of fun on the life bus!

We got to meet our new special friend, Harold the Giraffe. We helped to remind him of all the things he needed to pack to go to his grandparents house. We helped him to choose healthy food to eat and interesting activities to do.

We learnt about our bodies both what we see on the outside and what is hidden on the inside of our bodies.


Writing and following instructions

The animal man came to town!

The animal man came to school and he brought some of his friends with him. Some were slimy, some were furry, some were cute and some were scary!

We all had a chance to touch them and hold them. It was so much fun!


Cinderella The BIG DAY!

Year 2 have had an exciting end to the term. Like eager beavers we boarded coaches and enjoyed an exciting journey to see Cinderella at The Mac in Edgbaston!


The children and staff alike were buzzing with excitement as we watched the performance of Cinderella. We cheered. We laughed. We sat with baited breath as the spectacular scenes unfolded before our eyes.


In the end, our children recalled their favourite scenes to one another stating, ‘I had the best time ever…… I can’t wait to go again….. Some children went on to say, ‘I feel like a Princess.’


Year 2 came back inspired and ready for more!!

Twycross Zoo Trip

Brushing Our Teeth

Brushing Our Teeth 1 Then we had a go!
Brushing Our Teeth 2 The school nurse came to visit us!
Brushing Our Teeth 3 We read about how to brush our teeth.

Year 2’s Upcoming

Inspire Workshop...

(The Seaside)


A few weeks before our trip to Weston-Super-Mare we will be lucky enough to have an afternoon of seaside-related activities organised by the fabulous Mrs Cherry. The children will invite their parents and we will have a lot of fun!

Children and parents will be able to;

  • Design and make their own ice lollies using fruit juice, fruit and sparkling drinks. We will eat them the next day when they have been frozen.
  • Colour and then put together a moveable crab, jellyfish and an octopus. They will look fabulous!



  • Make flags for the sandcastles we are going to build on the beach.
  • All the children will get the chance to paint seaside pictures using sand, shells, paints and crayons! We might even decide to put lighthouses, donkeys, boats and lots of colourful sea creatures on them.



  • Last and by no means least…the children will, no doubt, thoroughly  enjoy getting wet and splashing about in the big paddling pool! Make sure you remember to bring a change of clothes with you!
  • It will all be worth the effort; we can't wait to see the smiles on everyone's faces!

Enterprise Week

Year 2 had a great learning experience just before Christmas when we had an enterprise week. We had to design, make and sell products with the aim of making a profit. 2JF decided to make and design hair slides and bracelets.



2DH made and designed a range of jewellery and cakes. Both classes had a great time during enterprise week and managed to make a good profit and the children learnt how businesses operate.



Also during the week Year 2 had the opportunity to go to a workshop on using lego bricks to design ‘Alum Rock Road’ of the future. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and sent letters to thank Mr. Garside.

Welcome to Year 1

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We cultivate a love of learning through high quality teaching, enthusiasm and fun. Welcome to our Year Group page where we can show you some of the fantastic things we do.