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Parent Workshops

There are lots of important people in a child's life: mums, dads, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents and friends. At St Saviour's we try to invite these special people into school as much as possible so that they can share, enhance and enrich the school day.


Look out for letters, the school Newsletter and our online calendar to find out about all our Parent Workshops.

Take a look at what's been happening so far...smiley

Family Learning - Creative Families


Year 1 children and parents are taking part in a Creative Families, 6 week parent and child course. This free course provides opportunities for adults and children to work together to learn new creative techniques and skills that can be replicated at home. Courses are a mix the following subjects: jewellery, clay, cake art, paper craft, textiles and floristry. 

Creative Families

Colour Chaos


Year 1 parents and children took part in a Colour Chaos workshop. They completed marble painting using primary and secondary colours, experimented with different colour tones, created wax resistant weather pictures and used autumn colours to print with leaves to create a piece of collaborative art. Take a look at our work in the picture below.

Year 1 'Flight' Workshop 

Year 1 parents and children took part in a 'Flight' themed workshop. They wrote leaflets about the Wright Brothers, experimented with different designs of paper planes, made hot air balloons, completed a time line of the History of Flight, made helicopters and designed gliders. It was a very busy session! Thank you to all the parents that attended.  

Year 2 SATs Workshop

Year 2 parents were invited into school to receive information about the SATs assessments that their children will be taking in May. They had the opportunity to complete sample SATs questions with their children for Reading, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.


The Year 2 Staff delivered an informative presentation about Year 2 expectations and how parents can support their children at home. Mathematical strategies were also demonstrated and explained.


Thank you to all the parents who attended!

Reception Workshops


All the children in Reception are getting the chance to take part in exciting workshops with their parents.


Group 1 - Our Local Area

The children and parents received a letter from Superman asking them to go shopping for him. The children had to buy everything on his list to complete the task. They visited the local shops to buy a red scarf, milk, donuts and posted a parcel at the post office for Batman. Superman wrote them a letter to thank them for helping him. He loved his scarf, which he's definatly needed lately!!

Group 2 - Our Bodies

The children and parents talked about how we stay healthy and helped Mrs Cherry write a story about a healthy frog. To end the session they made a delicious fruit salad!

Group 2 - World Book Week

Reception heart to celebrate world book day the children made their own stories about 'Supertato'. Supertato visited the farm where Evil Pea had put all the animals in the wrong places!

The children also made Supertato  characters.


Supertato is written by Sue Hendra

Black History Month Workshop

To celebrate Black History Month the children and parents all made a patch for a FREEDOM QUILT. The patches were then sewn together to make a quilt. Thank you to the 58 parents that attended!smileyno

Year 3 Egyptian Workshop

Year 3 took part in a Egyptian workshop to compliment their History topic. They took part in a variety of Egyptian themed activities. Take a look at the pictures below!

Year 4 Maths Inspire Workshop

What a 'Fast and Furious' day! Year 4 were busy taking part in maths and science activities with a racing car theme. The session was inspired by their trip to Land Rover where they took part in activities relating to car design and manufacturing. Thank you to all the parents that attended!

Family Learning Workshops

Reception and year 1 have taken part in Art Attack for 6 weeks. They created some beautiful work with their mums and dads. 

Year 1 Phonics Workshop

Year 1 parents all attended a Phonics Workshop where they were updated about the Phonics Screening Test and how they can support their children at home.


The children joined the session and played a variety of games with their mums and dads. Parents were given a pack containing information about the test, how to support their children and games to play at home.


In view of parent comments and evaluations we are now running a Phonics Café fortnightly, the Phonic Play Bag Scheme and will be offering a Phonic Workshop to Reception in the Summer Term.


Mr Immanuel our Phonics Lead has posted useful PHONICS  videos in the 'Parent' section of this website under 'Phonics'.

Dads Animal Man Session

Thank you to the 45 Dads, uncles and Grandads that attended our 'I'm a Celebrity' animal Man session.

Toy Library

A group of Reception children are currently taking part in our Toy Library. Each week their parents choose a toy to take home and play with them.

Parent and Child Workshops

Old McDonald had a Farm...Reception Inspire Workshop


Well done to our reception classes who took part in their first whole class Inspire Workshop. 


The 'little farmers' were busy planting grass for the hungry Billy Goats, buying fruit and vegetables from the Farmers Market and making their own 'junk model' farm animals. The children made fluffy animals, feathery animals and some unusual looking farm animals!


The workshop gave the children an opportunity to apply both their maths and writing skills.


Miss Hanratty ended the workshop by telling the children a very animated story of the Little Red Hen.


A big thank you to all 58 parents who came to work with their children!no




May The Force Be With You


On May 4th - Star Wars Day the children celebrated by inviting their dads, uncles and granddads into school for a workshop.


There were fun challenges for the children to take part in. The children drew their own star ships using symmetrical designs, followed (very complicated) instructions to make spaceships, completed R2-D2 maths problems, designed landing stations for the star ship and made their dads Yoda ears (which they all had to wear).

The final challenge was to design and make a waterproof hat for Chewbacca which was tested out at the end of the workshop. (Mrs Cherry was Chewbacca)


Each child left the workshop with their own Light Saber and Mrs Cherry left the workshop rather WET!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop - Year 3


Thank you to the 56 parents who attend the Ancient Egyptian Workshop with their children on Wednesday 11th January. The children excitedly took part in a variety of cross - curriculum activities linked to their History topic. They completed Egyptian maths problems, painted Tutankhamun's mask, designed and made Egyptian jewellery, and constructed pyramids out of art straws, nets and Lego. 

Year 4 - Maths Inspire Workshop - Racing Cars

Year 1 Art Attack - Family Learning


Well done Year 1 for completing the six week Family Learning course. This half term the course had a 'paper craft' theme which involved lots of careful measuring, cutting and following instructions. Maths in action!smiley

Year R Art Attack - Family Learning


Well done reception for completing your first Family Learning course. The six week Art Attack course had a 'shape' theme and the children took part in a variety of different fun and creative activities. We hope you like the pictures of all their wonderful

Reception New Parents And Children Sessions


A big St Saviour's welcome to the new parents and children who have joined our family. In Autumn term the new parents were invited to come into school and take part in an 'All About Me' workshop with their children. This was an opportunity for us to get to know the families. The children made an 'All About Me' calendar which included talking about their favourite things, writing their names, selecting their favourite colours, drawing a self portrait, talking about their favourite lessons and making a shape house to display their family photograph in. The calendars will be a lovely memory when the children are in Year 6!! Their parents will be able to look back at their child's drawing, writing and photos and reminisce about how 'cute' their children were! surprise


We are sure the families do not feel 'new' to our school anymore. Reception have had a great first term !smiley

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


In Autumn Term the girls in Year 1 and 2 were invited to an art and craft workshop. They could bring along their dads, uncles, grandads big brothers or cousins. The girls made owl bracelets, ceramic heartsheart fairies, photo frames, mosaic pictures and fairy  princess wands!  The adults had a great time too helping their little girls create their beautiful masterpieces.


It was a great afternoon. Thank you to the 26 grown ups that attendedno



Black History Month


To celebrate Black History Month the children and parents in Year 3 and 4 were invited to a afternoon workshop.


Martin Luther King had a dream of racial equality. He believed that everyone regardless of their skin colour should be treated fairly. The children wrote their own inspirational 'dreams'! Many of the children wrote about there being peace on earth, everyone having enough food and stopping the pollution of the plant...a few children's dreams included becoming Batman, Superman or Batgirl and saving the world!


In America buses were divided into two sections, one for the white passengers and another for the black. Rosa Parks, a black African - American refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white man and this started the Bus Boycott in  Montgomery, Alabama which lasted  over a year. The children designed and made their own 'St Saviour's Diversity Bus', selecting pictures of people from all different races and colours to sit next to each other. At our school we believe that no matter where we live, what colour our skin is or what language we speak, we are all friends - and an important part of the  St Saviour's family!


The children and parents painted and created African patterns, researched about the famous nurse Mary Seacole and completed the 'With My Two Hands' poem. To complete the afternoon a beautiful display using quotes from Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Mohammed Ali and Bob Marley was made.


Thank you to the 34 parents that attended!smiley