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School Bank

The St Saviour’s School Bank has arrived. It is a mini HSBC branch in our school. The bank is set up and managed by children, for the children, with support and guidance from Mrs Howe from our local HSBC and Miss Fiona, the school office manager.


They asked Year 5 children to write applications and held interviews for the different branch roles. Now the children are trained and the bank opens fortnightly on a Wednesday after school. A reminder text message is also sent.


The bank encourages the children to take responsibility for their own money and is designed to give them an opportunity to save for the future. It makes financial education fun, whilst also teaching children how to manage their own small business.


KS2 pupils and those pupils in Year 2 who have reached their seventh birthday can open an account. 60 children opened an account at the launch but it’s never too late to join.


Upon joining the children receive an activity pack and a wonderful safe with its own combination.