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Science and Technology Faculty

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The Science and Technology Faculty

The Science and Technology Faculty at St Saviours C of E Primary School believe that the skills of numeracy and wider mathematical understanding are key life skills that all children need to develop, in order to understand the world in which we live.  We aim to provide a mathematics education that will enable our children to investigate, communicate and manipulate information in a powerful way that will aid the development of their logical and creative thinking.

We aim to support a learning environment which enables all our pupils to think, to evaluate, to make informed judgements and to come to conclusions about their world giving them a powerful set of life skills for the future.

The faculty aim to develop our pupil's enjoyment and interest in Science, building on their natural curiosity by providing an exciting range of practical scientific enquiries in well-resourced lessons.

The children are following the new guidelines for Computer Science, covering topics such as coding, programming, multimedia authoring and digital literacy. The faculty promotes the acquisition of technological skills in a safe and interactive way for example, using laptops in our computer suite, netbooks and via the interactive whiteboards in our classrooms. Pupils confidently use iPads, data loggers, digital thermometers, visualisers, digital microscopes throughout the school.

In Design and Technology the Faculty encourage children to use their imagination and ideas to plan creatively, design, make and evaluate their own artefacts.

Our Entreprise Weeks provide challenging experiments with the wow factor delivered by school staff and external experts.

 We have now implemented the new curricula and we continue to give our children the best education possible.